Shteyt In Feld A Beymele

In the Meadow Stands a Little Tree
שטייט אין פעלד א ביימעלע

Words by Y. L. Peretz (1852-1915) with music by Mikhl Gelbart (1889-1966). Published in Mir zingen, 1951. The poem is one of a cycle of children’s poems that Peretz wrote for orphans in Warsaw after World War I. The song was sung in the Yiddish schools in Europe and this country. According to Israeli musicologist Issachar Fater, the poem was set to music by composers Eliyohu Hirshin, Lazar Weiner, Bernardo Feuer, Bluma Mushkes-Saubel, in addition to Moses Milner and Joel Engel. Saul Beresovsky also arranged an anonymous tune for the chorus.

Illustration of musical notes from the books


In the meadow stands a little tree
it has green branches;
A little bird is sitting on it
closing its little eyes.

On the little green branches
there grows a golden apple.
Close your dear little eyes, my child,
a blessing on your head.

On the green branches
the birds are already asleep,
their mother is singing to them: ah – ah – ah…
It is a quiet night, ah – ah….

Shteyt in feld a beymele,
Hot es grine tsvaygelekh;
Zitst deroyf a feygele,
Makht es tsu di eygelekh.

Oyf di grine tsvaygelekh,
Vakst a goldn epele,
Makh tsu, mayn kind, di eygelekh,
A brokhe oyf dayn kepele.

Oyf di grine tsvaygelekh,
Shlofn shoyn di feygelekh,
Di mame zingt zey: a – a – a. . .
Es iz a shtile nakht, a – a. . .

,שטײט אין פֿעלד אַ בײמעלע,
האָט עס גרינע צװײַגעלעך;
זיצט דערױף אַ פֿײגעלע,
מאַכט עס צו די אײגעלעך.

אױף די גרינע צװײַגעלעך,
װאַקסט אַ גאָלדן עפּעלע,
מאַך צו, מײַן קינד, די אײגעלעך,
אַ ברכה אױף דײַן קעפּעלע.

אױף די גרינע צװײַגעלעך,
שלאָפֿן שױן די פֿײיגעלעך,
די מאַמע זינגט זײ: אַ-אַ-אַ. . .
עס איז א שטילע נאכט, א-אַ. . .

Song Title: Shteyt In Feld A Beymele

Composer: Mikhl Gelbart
Composer’s Yiddish Name: מיכל געלבאַרט
Lyricist: Yitskhok Leybush Peretz
Lyricist’s Yiddish Name: יצחק לײבוש פּרץ
Time Period: Unspecified

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