With musical direction by Zalmen Mlotek and the generous sponsorship of individuals and foundations, the Education Department of the Workers Circle published a series of studio recordings from the collection.

“Napolean said that if he could write a country’s songs, he would not care who wrote its laws. In the U.S. the fight for constitutional rights has taken many forms, none more important than the songs that make for solidarity in struggle for labor, for civil rights, and for peace. The Yidishe Arbeter Bund (Jewish Labor Bund) of Eastern Europe left us a legacy of struggle and sacrifice in the face of terrible odds, none more terrible than the wiping out of Jewish life throughout Europe. These songs of love and struggle have a universal meaning. We must preserve and cherish them.”
– Stan and Iris Ovshinsky

Pearls of Yiddish Song

פּערל פֿון ייִדישן ליד

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