About This Project

The Yosl and Chana Mlotek Yiddish Song Collection was made possible through the generous contributions of the Workers Circle community. 

Our Supporters

The Mlotek Family

Anonymous Gift in Honor of Hilda S. Rubin

Sammy Krumholz

Eitan Tabak and Sophie Gluck


Dan Opatoshu and Anne Spielberg

Michael Katz and Linda Gritz

Laurence Broun
Patricia Stoddard and Bruce Friedman
Dr Sherry Marlowe

Frances and Mitchell Harris
Sruli Dresdner and Lisa Mayer
Esther Leysorek Goodman


Creating Yiddishsongs.org

We extend a thank you to the creative team, volunteers, and individuals who participated in this new iteration of our song collection.

Creative Team

Elisha Mlotek, Creative Director
Michele Amar, Chief Strategist, Office of Gonzamar
Jade Gonzales, Chief Designer, Office of Gonzamar

Volunteers and Consultants

Susan Israel
Robin Graham
Ian Lorand
David Lorand
Sabina Brukner
David “Dovid” R. Forman

Rafael “Refoyl” Finkel (Yiddish Typewriter)
Mark “Meyer” David
Nikolai Borodulin
Jeanne Mager Stellman
Assaf Urieli

Special Thanks to our Community Members

Audrey Mlotek
Mark Mlotek

Barbara Kirshenblatt-Gimblett
Frank London
Lorin Sklamberg
Mark Slobin
Joshua Waletzky

Avram Mlotek
Zalmen Mlotek
Cameron Bernstein
Noah “Noyekh” Barrera
Chaya Deutsch
Polina Fradkin

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