S'falt A Shney

Snow is Falling
ס׳פֿאַלט אַ שנײ

This folksong has several melodies, two of which are presented here. One was printed in the arrangement of E. Sheinin for chorus in Gezang un kamf, no. 3 (1935); it was also published by Mikhl Gelbart (1951).

The second melody was collected by the compilers from composer Ben Yomen. The stanza, beginning with “Hodi dir tsu veynen” derives from a poem “Der arbeter” (The Worker) by Dovid Edelshtat. 34 folk variants of Edelshtat’s song were collected and analyzed by folklorist S. Z. Pipe (see Dov Noy and Meir Noy, Yidishe lider fun galitsye).

Edelshtat’s original poem was published in the New York Varheyt on June 7, 1889. There he called it an adaptation from the Russian poet Nekrasov. Pipe however found that the poet adapted the first three stanzas from a poem “Duma tkatcha” by Sergei Sinieguborn. Edelshtat’s poem was also folklorized in the song “Shnel loyfn di reder” in this book. R. Pups notes an adaptation that was sung during the Holocaust in Bielsk and Bendin: “Her shoyn oyf tsu veynen/ Un trern tsu fargisn, / Di tsayt fun shtarbn kumt shoyn on, / Oy vey! oy vey! oy vey!”

Illustration of musical notes from the books


It’s snowing, it’s snowing,
day and night, day and night,
but I sew, but I sew,
and I think and I think.

Outside, it is raining,
outside, it is raining,
and it is snowing, snowing,
and it is snowing, snowing.
My young years
I have forfeited
sitting at my sewing all the time.

Enough crying from you
enough wailing,
you will stain your work
and the foreman, that murderer,
will drive you away, out of the job.

S’falt a shney, s’falt a shney,
Tog un nakht, tog un nakht,
Nor ikh ney, nor ikh ney,
Un ikh trakht, un ikh trakht.

In droysn geyt a regn,
In droysn geyt a regn,
Un es falt a shney, a shney,
Un es falt a shney, a shney,
Mayne yunge yorn
Hob ikh ongevorn
Zitsndik shtendik baym geney.

Zumer geyt a regn

Zumer geyt a regn
Zumer geyt a regn,
Zumer geyt a regn
Un vinter falt a shney,
Un vinter falt a shney;
Mayne yunge yorn
Hob ikh ongevorn
Baym fintstern geney.

Hodi dir tsu veynen,
Hodi dir tsu klogn,
Du vest makhn oyf der arbet a flek;
Bald vet arayn
Der mayster, der merder,
Traybt er dikh fun der arbet avek.

ס׳פֿאַלט אַ שנײ, ס׳פֿאַלט אַ שנײ,
טאָג און נאַכט, טאָג און נאַכט,
נאָר איך נײ, נאַר איך נײ,
און איך טראַכט און איך טראַכט.

אין דרױסן גײט אַ רעגן,
אין דרױסן גײט אַ רעגן,
און עס פֿאַלט אַ שנײ, אַ שנײ,
און עס פֿאָלט אַ שנײ, א שנײ,
מײַנע יונגע יאָרן
האָב איך אָנגעװאָרן,
זיצנדיק שטענדיק בײַם גענײ.

זומער גײט אַ רעגן

זומער גײט אַ רעגן
זומער גײט אַ רעגן
זומער גײט אַ רעגן
און װינטער פֿאַלט א שנײ,
אין װינטער פֿאַלט אַ שנײ;
מײַנע יונגע יאָרן
האָב איך אָנגעװאָרן
בײַם פֿינצטערן גענײ.

האָדי דיר צו װײנען,
האָדי דיר צו קלאָגן,
דו װעסט מאַכן אױף דער אַרבעט אַ פֿלעק;
באַלד װעט אַרײַן
דער מײַסטער, דער מערדער,
טרײַבט ער דיך פֿון דער אַרבעט אַװעק.

Song Title: S’falt A Shney

Composer: Unknown
Composer’s Yiddish Name: Unknown
Lyricist: Unknown
Lyricist’s Yiddish Name: Unknown
Time Period: Unspecified

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