A Yingele, A Meydele

A Little Boy, a Little Girl
אַ ייִנגעלע, אַ מײדעלע

Published by A. Bulkin and L. Efron in 1917. Adapted from a folksong about the Jewish clergy: “Der rebele, der gabele; / Der khazndl, der shamesl / Gants kley-koydesh geyt dokh tantsn” (The rabbi, the trustee, the cantor, the sexton—the whole clergy is going dancing) published by Sussman Kisselgof in 1911.

The Bulkin-Efron version has the rabbi joining the dance. In the adaptation that Yosl Mlotek brings in his textbook Yidishe kinder, alef, 1971, it is the mother who is going to dance.

Illustration of musical notes from the books


A little boy, a little girl,
A little girl, a little boy,
Lets all go dancing.

Let’s all go dancing
Even Mommy is going dancing too.

A little boy, a little girl,…

Even Mommy is going dancing too…

Even Daddy is going dancing too…

Even Bobe is going dancing too…

Even Zeyde is going dancing too…

The whole family is going dancing.



Bobe – grandmother.

Zeyde – grandfather.

A yingele, a meydele,
A meydele, a yingele,
Lomir ale geyn tantsn.

Lomir ale tantsn geyn,
Di mame aleyn geyt oykh tantsn.

A yingele, a meydele. . .

Der tate aleyn geyt oykh tantsn. . .

Di bobe aleyn geyt oykh tantsn. . .

Der zeyde aleyn geyt oykh tantsn . . .

Di gantse mishpokhe geyt tantsn.

א ייִנגעלע, א מײדעלע,
אַ מײדעלע, אַ ייִנגעלע,
לאָמיר אַלע גײן טאַנצן.

לאָמיר אַלע טאַנצן גײן,
די מאַמע אַלײן גײט אױך טאַנצן.

אַ ייִנגעלע, אַ מײדעלע. . .

דער טאַטע אַלײן גײט אַױך טאַנצן. . .

די באָבע אַלײן גײט אױך טאַנצן. . .

דער זײדע אַלײן גײט אױך טאַנצן. . .

די גאַנצע משפּחה גײט טאַנצן.

Song Title: A Yingele, A Meydele

Composer: Unknown
Composer’s Yiddish Name: Unknown
Lyricist: Unknown
Lyricist’s Yiddish Name: Unknown
Time Period: Unspecified

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