A Gut-morgn, Feyge Soshe

Good Morning, Feyge Sosbe
אַ גוט־מאָרגן, פֿײגע־סאָשע

Folksong published by Moishe Beregovski in 1962 and reprinted by Mark Slobin in Old Jewish Folk Music. Slobin notes that the humor in this song is enhanced by the interpolation of Russian rhyming words “giving a ‘highfalutin’ air.” Mascha Benya Matz submitted a slightly different version with an introduction and epilogue.

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Good morning, Feyge Soshe.
Why are you sitting there like that?
– Good morning, Fayve Yose.
It’s because I’m comfortable this way.

Perhaps, Fayve Yose,
You’d like to try some of my wares?
– A Sabbath noodle pudding?
That would be a pleasure!

On the Sabbath, after making the pudding,
I’m a real beauty – all dolled up. How do you like me?

Perhaps, Feyge Soshe,
You’d like some sunflower seeds?
– I’d like to try some, Fayve Vose.

Perhaps, Feyge Soshe, you’d like to go for a stroll with me?
– Fayve Yose, I’d like to do just that.

A gut-morgn, Feyge-Soshe,
Vos zitst ir azoy asobene?
-A gut-yor aykh, Fayve-Yose
Vayl s’iz mir udobne.

Efsher vilt ir, Fayve-Yose,
Farzukhn fun mayn prodovolstvye?
– A shabesdikn lokshn-kugl
S’ara udovolstvye!

Shabes nokhn kugl
Bin ikh di emese krasavitse,
Oysgeputst un ongeton zikh,
Kak ya vam naravitsa?

Efsher vilt ir, Feyge-Soshe,
Mit semetshkes aykh ugozhayeven?
– Vayl bay aykh, Fayve-Yose,
Vel ikh prinimayeven.

Efsher vilt ir, Feyge-Soshe,
Geyn mit mir gulayeven?
– Vayl mit aykh, Fayve-Yose,
Vel ikh ispolnayeven.

אַ גוט-מאָרגן, פֿײיגע-סאָשע,
װאָס זיצט איר אַזױ אַסאָבענע?
— אַ גוט-יאָר אײַך, פֿײַװע-יאָסע.
װײַל סיאיז מיר אודאָבנע.

אפֿשר װילט איר, פֿײיגע-יאָסע,
פֿאַרזוכן פֿון מײַן פֿראָדאָװאָלסטװיע!
— אַ שְבתדיקן לאָקשן-קוגל
סיאַראַ אודאָװואָלסטװיע!

שבת נאָכן קוגל
בין איך די אמתע קראַסאַװיצע,
אױיסגעפּוצט און אָנגעטאָן זיך,
קאַק יאַ װואָס נאַראַװיצאַ?

אפַּשר װילט איר, פֿײגע-סאָשע,
מיט סעמעטשקעס אײַך אוגאָזשאַיעװען?
— װײַל בײַ אײַך, פֿײַװע-יאָסע,
װעל איך פּרינימאַיעװען.

אפֿשר װילט איר, פֿײגע-סאָשע,
גײן מִיט מיר גולאַיעװען?
— װײַל מיט אײַך, פֿײַװע-יאָסע,
װעל איך איספּאָלנאיעװען.

Song Title: A Gut-morgn, Feyge Soshe

Composer: Unknown
Composer’s Yiddish Name: Unknown
Lyricist: Unknown
Lyricist’s Yiddish Name: Unknown
Time Period: Unspecified

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